Welcome to the wiki devoted to modding the Star Wars Battlefront series games. If you're not a member, that's all right, you can still contribute through the "public" category. The way this works is that anyone has the ability to create and edit pages so long as they have a name such as public:start. Once you have established yourself as reputable in the public category, an admin will invite you to join the site. Any quality pages produced under the public category will be moved to a page of the same name that drops the public prefix. Otherwise, feel free to browse the site and even post in your own public forum. If you're just beginning modding, see the Getting Started page.

The ModTools docs as well as the tutorials from Gametoast are slowly being added. Feel free to help by adding the tutorials and docs in, but try to clean them up and format them a bit. Use the pages already added as a template for page qualities like headings, numbered lists, etc. Add hyperlinks to other articles (it's great to refer to the docs!), but please don't link to an article at a different point in its own page.

Feel free to create new pages, but do not get overly specific. If there is already a page dealing with the broader topic, append the new information to that. (For example, an Adding Vehicles topic is welcome, but if Adding Command Vehicles were created, it would be merged with Adding Vehicles, so it is best just to do it originally instead of wasting the moderators time.)

If there are errors in the docs feel free to edit their pages. Do be warned that these docs were made by the developers and they are bound to know more than most. Be absolutely sure that any added information is 100% correct. Clarifications are always welcome as well, but please do not oversimplify.

Suggestions should be stated in the forum.

I'm looking for other moderators. Selection will be based on activity level and professionalism.


Under Construction: console-commands, option-file-parameters, layers

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