Adding Death Regions

These are the necessary steps for creating death regions in a map.

1: Place and size the region where the death region should be in Zeroeditor.

2: With the region selected, notice that the Region ID name is arbitrary while the Class Properties name is the name loaded into the Lua, in this case, I'll call it deathregion. Create multiple death regions the same way, it's just that the name will need to be altered (eg. deathregion1).

3: To finish adding the death region, it must be loaded into the .lua. Do this by adding the line AddDeathRegion("deathregion") (with deathregion being the name in the Class Properties field in Zeroeditor) before the end inside function ScriptPostLoad() {…} or anywhere inside function ScriptInit() {…}. Additional death regions are added in the same manner, replacing the name deathregion with whatever name is under Class Properties in Zeroeditor.

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