Console Commands

These are some commands to be used in the console of the BF2_modtools.exe application.


Toggles on and off the showing of a Jedi’s saber edges that can do damage as a red bar with a sphere at the end. The bar indicates the length, while the sphere indicates the radius. Note that this is the Length and Width that come from within the Attack() sections of a combo file, not the length and width from the weapon ODF.


Toggles on and off display of the animation(s) that the player character’s legs and upper body are playing, the total length of the animation (in frames) as well as the current frame number, and the percentage of blending out of the last animation. Especially useful when used with:

"slowmo [number]"

Eg. "slowmo 5". The number is the number of times slower to play the entire game it’s the denominator in the speed, so if you say "slowmo 5" then the game plays at 1/5 speed, if you say "slowmo 2" then it plays at ½ speed, etc. "slowmo" by itself, or "slowmo 1" turns it off. Note that you can also speed up gameplay with "slowmo .2" or "slowmo .5", but this has no practical use for animation debugging. After inputting a "slowmo", turn off the console and check your character for bugs or animation pops.


Used to display paths and flyer splines.


Renders all of the collision geometry in Free Camera mode and colors your buildings and other static models with the following:

  • Red lines represent the collision geometry
  • Purple lines represent the primitives geometry
  • White lines represent the bounding box.
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